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How To Attract Your Customers During A Recession

How To Attract Your Customers During A Recession

A customer has to be on a tight budget during a recession but you will not have to do it with you when you decided to apply the following steps to attract customers. These are several strategies that will help you double the number of your customers in a few days after you use them.

Increase your promotion

Yes, this sounds weird, but these days majority of employers reduce their advertising expenditure but this is a huge mistake. The more that you let people know about your product and how this can help to their daily lives, the more that more potential customers will be going to you. During a recession, your goal is to increase your advertising to attract customers through special, coupons and discounts.

Offer something free

Who doesn’t like free products for them to use? You can try to do a raffle and make your product as the price. You can also have a nice bag with your product inside. Make sure to prepare the benefits that you will showcase to your potential customers. Inform them how useful your product to them.

Focus on a specific customer

marketing2Another mistake is that business owners and marketer sell their product to everyone. What you should do is to specify who your potential customers then make sure to focus the promotion with them.

Increase your credibility

It is a fact that people buy their needs and wants to those brands or companies they know and trust. With this, you need to increase your credibility in the market by getting feedbacks from those who already tried your product. Excellent feedback or reviews increase the credibility of your product. You can do press releases or guest writing to blogs for you to promote your business. Once you have successfully position yourself and your product in the market, then potential customers will automatically find and buy your product.

Check your promotions

Advertising was done to attract attention, interest, and desire for your customers. This is known as the AIDA strategy. If your promotion does not contain these elements, then you are just wasting your money and time.

Use the Internet

Sales are very low in the physical business, but not on the Internet. This is according to the magazine InternetRetailer, which analyzes 500 most successful companies on the Internet. In a recent article, Circuit City had a low of 10% in sales in its physical business, but there’s a significant increase of 40% through its website. According to the article, the consumer thinks that the Internet can find reasonable prices. With this, you should start your company’s website and increase your promotional activity.

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