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Handling Business Competition & Influencer Marketing Tips | #AskGaryVee Episode 208

Handling Business Competition & Influencer Marketing Tips | #AskGaryVee Episode 208

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37 comments on “Handling Business Competition & Influencer Marketing Tips | #AskGaryVee Episode 208

Tomas Chevez

Love the 2016 smell of FB live. btw u should totally push this quote (16:20)
“Content is the cost of entry for relevance in our society” :straight fire

Shneur Seewald

sarcasm, tough style New York love, with insight competitiveness compassion
and empathy all mixed in one! Thanks Gary!

Javi 718

Real life facts man!! Respect your grind keep on!!!!!

Francesca Ragucci

How do I ASK GARY VEE a question via IG or video?

Alicia Valleskey

“Let’s ‘sharebear’ it up …” haha I love the CareBears reference haha.

Robert Duke

being REAL. That’s what I like about you.

David Garcia

What happened to Meerkat? Is it “DONE” or would you use it?

David Christian

I would love to watch a show or “angle” within DailyVee that displays your
competitiveness. DailyVee documents the amount of work you do in a day
(hours of work/number of meetings, calls, presentations, etc.) but if you
showed the amount of energy within the competitive aspect, that would drive
people insane and would solidify how hard you actually work…not that it’s
needed…I just believe it would be great to watch. Love your show
brother!! Aloha.

Paul Mburu

Periscope might turn out to be a web cam for girls. Speaking in micro

Facebook live is where people will live stream weddings and birthday
parties because everyone is already there. #questionoftheday #askgaryvee

#Taekwondo TV

hahahaa…Gary the guy in boxers and tank top???….you got me xD so

Fabian R.A.

Excellent advice for photographers looking to expand their market reach. I
will push this idea to grow my wife’s business… potentially. Thansk

Dylan Robertson

Hadn’t watched Gary for a week or so, and it’s good to get back into it. I
had forgotten how entertaining and charismatic he is. As for his question
about live video, I’d say it’s well worth doing. Whenever you record a
show, you should also be streaming it live. However, I’d personally rather
watch the edited version later because I’m a busy person.

Christopher Miller

As a business development company with 24 radio stations we are seeing more
engagement with FB Live broadcast/posts than Snapchat….


great content! keep it up!

Web Friendly

FYI at the end, there’s no button in the video to subscribe your guys
forgot to add it.

Sam Ardorglo

Nice one.Great Knowledge*

Cabin Yim

I am not a fan of periscope. FB Live for me is more convenient and I don’t
like the idea that periscope is not integrated into twitter. I have to
download periscope, then I am able to comment. I watch FB live whenever
there is something live but not when its live on Periscope.

Seera Masters

Live won’t last simply because we want to watch content on our terms. May
be good for events but I don’t think it’ll get THAT big.

Totally Wired Studio

I love the live idea. I just wish you could tell us what day and time you
will be filming, so we have a chance to be a part of the show.

Luke Bender

The live revolution is quickly becoming a beast in social media. Live has
been around for years in television so I think it was only a matter of time
until it made it’s way into social media. I think it’s a way to make a much
stronger, authentic connection with an audience because people can see who
you really are and they are liking it, or they’re hating it and they won’t
watch you anyway. Live is here to stay because it’s the closest thing to
actually hanging out with someone and interacting with them without
actually being in the same room. Excited to see where it goes.

Teemu Tammilehto

Dont have time to watch live. Still like this episode on-demand though

glamby shey

Hahaha, I love how you got so passionite with the third question.
You are so right about just doing the work, it’s so simple yet so hard when
you rather be doing something else .. Like binge watching your videos LOL

Drew Gneiser

Gary, catching up on The Shoooooow. Tremendous answer on the wedding
photographer business question. Cheers.

Isaac Guerrero Jaimes

Do like it. I do practice it. In fact you gave me an idea to schedule my
live sessions for a better service to my audience. Don’t like the texture
on your edited version, but love what it can accomplish at the moment.

Erica Blair

“You haven’t seen me play Scattergories!” Hahah that’s a winner mentality

Zeus Feni

Gary Vee (9:53) , I have family and friends who always do the talk but not
the walk. Am I wasting my time but trying to get them out of that bubble.


Loved the show! Shared it! ?

Stuart Sim

Facebook live from inside the facebook mobile up is one of the best UX/UI’s
out there


8:20″ the most hilarious moment hahah this dudee

Fanatics Media

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Nic Zito

I love the live- first focus. It’s fun and interesting


You sound exactly like one of the character from It’s Always Sunny in


Been putting in the work for the last 10 years. Not complaining. And I was
in the show lost. And still haven’t watching it.


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